5 Questions to Ask Prospective Payroll – HR Providers 

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If you are thinking about enlisting a third party to outsource your HR services or payroll services to, you need to choose the right company. Employing someone to outsource to can be a huge boost to your business as it will save you time and frees you up to focus on other things. Other things such as improving your products, service, customer relationships etcetera. When you are ready to start looking for a HR or payroll provider it is important to ask the sale representatives questions that will help you decide which company to opt for.  

What services do you provide? 

First you need to know what you want from your payroll outsourcing. What will your business need in the coming year? How many full time employees are you expecting to hire? Do you want your payroll company to handle your state and federal tax obligations? What level of service etcetera can you afford to pay for? When you have your list of requirements you can compare it with the services that are being offered by the outsourcing company. Basic services should include; tax and salary calculations, check printing, delivery, direct deposit, payroll tax payment and filing. Also check if they provide ancillary products such as 401 (k) administration. You may not be looking for it right now, but you will want to add services such as this as your business grows.    

How much experience does your company have? 

It is a really good idea to avoid any company that is not established. Ensure a company can prove themselves financially viable when it comes to taking care of your payroll services. After all you are entrusting your pay roll and tax funds to them. A handy tip is that if they have been in business for years more than likely they are financially stable. An ideal outsourcing provider will also have a track record of offering services that meet the specific needs of your industry. You should not have to teach them about your specialist pay roll and tax situation. For example a licensee should not be teaching their HR provider about licensing law.  

Is your technology current and accessible? 

You do not want to be outsourcing to a company that provides anything other than easy to software that is available 24 hours a day. Ask if you can test the payroll services software to decide how user friendly it is. Also check that it is compatible with your smartphone, tablet and other portable devices. Inquire about the ability for your employees to access their personal payroll, HR and benefits themselves. 

What customer support services are offered? 

When payroll outsourcing the best companies will know how important it is that when contacted there is an actual person to speak to and answer the customer’s questions. There absolutely should be a reliable point of contact at your service at any time. 

What is the pricing structure? 

The price for your payroll services should be clear. Small businesses with little cash flow could be caught out by hidden charges. You should avoid signing up with any HR provider unless you are very clear on the charges. Ask for a full pricing structure explained up front which includes any supplemental charges such as adding new employees or switching employees to direct deposit, or weekly or monthly processing fees. Also ask about any rise of costs foreseeable in the future. 

The answers you get from the HR provider should help you make the right choice when it comes to payroll outsourcing. Choosing the right provider could be one of the most important decisions you make for your business, choose carefully. 

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